You get the best assistance throughout the whole process of look enhancement

Highly specialized personnel and hundreds of satisfied customers both from Europe and from around the world prove that the services we provide are at the highest level. Our priority is the customer’s satisfaction, hence we put the attention to high quality of services.

One method, one price, maximum thickness

Unlike other companies, we offer one favorable price for a maximum thickness of transplanted hair. The facilities on the Polish market offering hair transplant services focus mainly on the conflicting, older FUT method.
Despite poor performance of the method these companies condition the price on the number of transplants of hair follicles (grafts), the payment for which ranges from 5 to 12 PLN for a graft.
Our cost is NOT dependent on the number of transplanted hair. The new FUE method allows you to transplant up to 4,500 hair follicles during one operation.
With only one treatment you will get the highest available density of hair.


Best price

You receive complete information from us and you contact with a doctor to determine the date of the transplant. You will be billed directly in the clinic. After the treatment date is set you will be responsible for booking your flying ticket and transportation of yourself to the airport.

After arrival to the meeting place in Istanbul Ataturk airport you will be picked up by clinic representative. For a period of three days you have guaranteed hotel and specially prepared meals.

PRICE OF BROWN PACKAGE: 2190 euro 1800 euro.

Promotional price until the end of the year.


Full care

This package is recommended to all who appreciate the complexity of the service.
You will have your personal caregiver, he will escort you and supervise the whole transplant process. Transport in exclusive car to Legnica or Szczecin. 

We will provide all relevant information.

PRICE OF SILVER PACKAGE: 2790 euro 2350 euro plus customer travel expenses *

Promotional price until the end of the year.

*The exact price depends on the selected type of flight and the choosed transportation to the airport.


Full exclusive care

This package include Silver Package plus fly tickets form Berlin and higher hotel standard.

We will provide all relevant information.

PRICE OF GOLD PACKAGE: 3200 euro 2900 euro

Promotional price until the end of the year.

Three day process

The service offered by us includes a comprehensive patient’s care by assigning him a health care assistant throughout the duration of the trip.

A three-day trip consists of the following stages:
  1. Transport to the airport
  2. Flight
  3. Access to four-star hotel
  1. Breakfast at the hotel (buffet)
  2. Transport to the clinic
  3. Consultations with the doctor
  4. Taking hair follicles
  5. Dinner
  6. Opening the hair follicle canals in balding places
  7. Hair transplantation
  8. Transfer to hotel
  1. Breakfast at the hotel (buffet)
  2. Transport to the clinic
  3. Change of dressing, consultations with the doctor
  4. Transport to the airport
  5. Flight
  6. Transport to Szczecin

The Extended Package includes

Transport of the patient to the place of treatment.
A three-day stay in a four-star hotel.
Two breakfasts at the hotel, dinner at the clinic.
Patient’s insurance.
  • Consultation with a doctor
  • Blood test
  • Hair transplant
  • Regeneris, or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)*
  • Medical supplies for use after surgery
A comprehensive three-day patient care thanks to the assigned health care assistant.
*Renegenris is a special method of bio-stimulation of cells based on the injection of platelet-rich plasma. Plasma is obtained from the patient’s blood, which is subject to centrifugation.

We offer sightseeing during the first day of stay. This is the only one day during which you can use this opportunity. Sightseeing plan will be set individually after signing the contract. Select option. The tour does not contain the price of the package.


See photos from three-day process below: